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Share Time: Frustrations February 7, 2010

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What are your biggest frustrations in trying to be the best Carer that you can be?


4 Responses to “Share Time: Frustrations”

  1. Alina Says:

    The biggest frustration is being taken the wrong way… the end of the day we are all after the 1 thing….and that is to put KIDS first into a safe enviorment…..just sometimes when too many people are involved, wires get cross….and they sometimes forget we are all after the same end result….!!

  2. I also think that we are entrusted with these kids to provide for them the best ‘sense’ of family and the idea of stability but the forever changing rules, workers and approaches from Dept people means these kids and us who are carers are forever wondering when the stability we are working hard for will be pulled out from underneath us.

  3. sharon ballone Says:

    i find the biggest frustration is the different rules within the same office what i can do for one child is not acceptable with the other social worker you never know where you stand

    • Alina Says:

      Its very common, different worker different rules…we’ve challenged the Manager of FSA and he himself couldnt answer it…

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