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Question Time: Getting on well with your FSA Workers February 7, 2010

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Do you believe that whether you get on well with your Families SA worker or not affects the services and support you are provided?


2 Responses to “Question Time: Getting on well with your FSA Workers”

  1. Alina Says:

    Absolutely… think and you try and and do your best…
    You go out of your way to get on with them and do all that is ask of you…..but sometimes when you are to much a ‘ YES PERSON ‘….it bites you…back!! Another thing is all workers should be on same page…..they all seem to have different rules……

  2. I totally agree… I also find it frustrating when your allocated worker constantly changes as staff come and go within this department. I asked a friend who is in private practice and her experience was that FSA attracts the younger new graduates who stay around long enough to find more stable positions with better pay… and also positions in a more harmonious working environment, this we can see from the Govt’s findings that a bully culture is prominent in FSA.

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