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Shortage Article February 5, 2010

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More SA foster carers needed

The Department for Families and Communities says about 100 children are in need of foster care.

Families SA executive director David Waterford says the Government needs a wider range of people to become carers.

“The shortfall has really been for the last four or five years and we’ve had an increasing number of children coming into care,” he said.

“There has been growth in the number of foster carers but it hasn’t kept up with the rate at which children have been coming into care.”


3 Responses to “Shortage Article”

  1. taeya Says:

    this is a joke…there are a lot of good caring previous foster carers out there who are not being used by the dept…why???

    • Alina Says:

      Absolutely, they seem to use the same carer’s over and over…especially for respite…they will give a carer who already has kids….and not make contact with other carer’s who have none. We see this all the time.

  2. Kaye Says:

    what a load. I know of a lot of carers who are not even being used. On the other hand i know of homes who have at times up to 7 extra children in their homes. Use the carers that are ready and willing and in most cases trained

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